The new Curious Explorer Kit has a lot of interesting things in store for you. There are a lot of materials and manipulatives to work with. These kits are specially designed to suit the needs of the child. They are exclusively made for strengthening the core elements like thinking, problem-solving, fine motor skills, reading, and so on. It provides the students with opportunities to explore, discover, and fulfill their curiosity to learn. It helps build a strong foundation for the child to grow actively.

This is a 3-month kit which deals with interesting topics like stories, insects, gingerbread and so on. It has a lot of materials that the children would love to explore and work with. The students will love to work with materials like magnets, explore using a magnifying glass, use thinking skills to work with the task sheets, get creative with the cookie-cutter, sponge dabber, beads, develop their reading skills using the flashcards and story cards, fulfill their curiosity with the STEM kit and so on. We hope the kids will make use of this kit to learn to their maximum potential and enjoy learning.

Instilling wonder and curiosity at an early age will help to develop life-long learners. Childhood is meant for exploring, and exploration happens once we open the door to learning.
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